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As so many of us resolve what we will do this year, some of us at Echoing Green have challenged ourselves to create something we’ve heard a few people talking about—our not to do lists. Now, this isn’t an invitation to simply flip your resolutions, to say “I will not drink too much soda” instead of “I will drink less soda or more healthy beverages.” So what are we talking about here? That’s where it gets interesting. Because each of us interpreted it differently.

A few weeks ago we asked you to name your personal theme song. The response was overwhelming. Some of you told us the tracks you relied on during dark hours, others the song that exemplified your path, and others the MP3s that made a long journey just fly by. We were so impressed with your input that we wanted to share some of our favorite responses. Take a listen and be sure to add the title track on the soundtrack of your life in the comments.

You can tell you’re going to have “one of those days” pretty early on. Before 9 AM, I had forgotten to bring shorts to the gym (so I worked out in pants), forgotten my cell phone charger (and my phone ran out of battery as soon as I got to work) and as I got ready to make my morning coffee, I spilled the grounds all over the kitchen (when that all happens before 9 AM, you should probably go home and start over).

Unlike traditional investing, which, at its core, primarily seeks to employ financial capital to generate a financial return, impact investing strives to create “blended value”—positive and simultaneous social, environmental, and financial value creation.

Roya Elghanian’s career path has taken her from the music industry through entrepreneurial ventures and to her current work as founder of a Pilates studio and Worldwide Helpers, a nonprofit connecting volunteers to volunteer opportunities internationally. Read Roya’s real-life story as she finds her Work on Purpose.


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