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Over the last 25 years, Echoing Green has invested in many black social innovators doing important work to continue the legacy of social change in the black community, including Earl Phalen ('93, pictured), Van Jones (EG '94), Orlando Watkins ('95), Rise Wilson ('04), and Rafiq Kalam Id-Din ('07). Read more.

I was setting up for a workshop at a careers conference in Madison, Wisconsin two weeks ago when a goateed gentleman sauntered into the room and asked me, “So, what does Work on Purpose do?” Read more.

It's exactly the advice your mother didn't give you, unless your mom was a rule-breaker like my mine. Fear means go. This was one of my mom's favorite principles. Read more.

I have always looked at Newman’s Own as an original pioneer in the social enterprise sector. An inspirational source— like a bold older sister that helped pave the way for organizations like Echoing Green and thousands of others that have realized the vision that doing well and doing good can be authentically linked. Read about our new partnership.

The 2013 Echoing Green and Black Male Achievement applications closed just a few weeks ago and we have been excitedly reading all of your ideas to drive big, bold change in the world. As one of the only early stage funders with a totally open application process, we are in a unique position to recognize trends in the social entrepreneurship sector—here is what we’re noticing. Read More.

This story is part of Heart at Work, a monthly series produced by and Echoing Green, in which we tilt the spotlight towards everyday people doing extraordinary work that makes the world a better place. Read more.

Many of the informational interviews I participate in recently start something like this:“I’d love to find a job that allows me to live abroad.” “Where?” I ask. “Anywhere,” some say. This is not a trend I felt was as prominent when I was looking for a job 15 years ago. But, it is definitely here to stay. Read more.

Blue Engine’s recently released impact infographic gives us a chance to deep dive into not only how the organization is measuring success, but what data they are collecting to do it. From the characteristics of students they are reaching, to the ratio of students to BETAs, to the marked shift in test scores over the past two years, the report uses a mix of compelling visuals and strict numbers to give us a picture of the impact Blue Engine is achieving. Read more.

In December, over 300 Echoing Green Fellows, former colleagues, and supporters gathered in New York City to learn from each other and to find ways to collaborate. Read More.

Your New Year's Resolution to start using that gym membership, or to spend more time with your family, will just have to wait a few more days. Unless, of course, you turn that resolution into your Bold Idea, in which case getting the application in might just be a way of making yourself stick to it. Read More.


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