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To radically redefine the sense of what is possible for young black men, 2012 BMA Fellow Neil Phillips seeks to reframe notions of success and failure. He’s also found it a constant effort to keep those notions consistent in his own life.

As we enter into our second year of our partnership with the Open Society Foundations to support the 2013 Black Male Achievement Fellows, we are reminded at the essential nature of collaboration and commitment between organizations working towards similar goals. Read more.

We are honored to be partnering with one of the organizations that has paved the way for our own work. Newman’s Own Foundation is powering, in part, our Fellows working beyond the U.S., offering resources and reach to help build the influence of Echoing Green. Read more.

Over the past twenty-five years, we have seen our Fellows inspire, mentor and partner with one another building upon the impact of Fellows that have come before them. This new class of 2013 Echoing Green and Black Male Achievement Fellows is no exception.

Carbon Lighthouse is working to swing perspectives from skepticism to optimism, in order to reverse carbon emissions and stand as a beacon for positive social change.

When it comes to language, context is everything. While ENGLISH @ WORK trains immigrant employees in the language of their workplace, the organization itself is learning to speak the language that communicates its value to a range of its own supporters. Read more.

Locked in a passionate struggle for prisoners' human rights, pausing in her mission was the last thing Sarah Belal planned to do. But by taking the time to notice and learn from her mistakes, she gained not only confidence in how to move forward, but also an unexpected community of support. Read more.

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From the New York Times to NPR, Echoing Green Fellows are recognized as innovators and leaders. Here are eight of their top stories from recent weeks. Read more.

Last night, past and present generations of Fellows like Wendy Kopp, Angel Taveras, Sasha Chanoff, Vikram Akula, and Chris Bradford poignantly brought to life the power of the Echoing Green community. Read more.

Our team received nearly 3,000 applications for the 2013 Echoing Green and Black Male Achievement Fellowships. With the help of 532 evaluators asking challenging questions and analyzing applicants’ plans and capabilities, we have narrowed the pool to just thirty-nine Echoing Green Finalists and fourteen Open Society Foundations Black Male Achievement Finalists. See the Finalists.


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