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As part of our commitment to deepening support to Fellows, we travel around the world to gain a better understanding of the environment in which these social innovators operate.

Anne Tamar-Mattis, 2008 Global Fellow and founder and director of Advocates for Informed Choice, says success is all about recognizing the people around you as your greatest assets.

From The San Francisco Chronicle to Reuters, Echoing Green Fellows from 1992 to the newly-minted class of 2013 Fellows are recognized as innovators and leaders. Here are some of their top stories from recent weeks.

Echoing Green, the world’s leading angel investor in start-up social entrepreneurs, is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with the ZOOM Foundation that will provide seed capital and critical support to some of the best next generation leaders working on innovations in mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

On the days I’m smashed up against an assortment of characters on the New York City subway, I sometimes play a game. I imagine someone yelling, “What’s your problem?!”

Echoing Green and our community of Fellows and social change organizations are looking for you to help build the future of our planet. If you're looking for work that is right for you, and good for the world, check out our monthly list of opportunities.

Echoing Green Fellows don't just identify social problems—they are driven to do whatever it takes to solve them. That's owning a problem.

While debates brew about immigration reform in the United States, Amaha Kassa is reframing the problem and turning his efforts to helping African immigrants in the U.S. improve their lives, the country they live in, and their countries of origin.

The MasterCard Foundation and One Acre Fund, founded by 2006 Fellow Andrew Youn, announced a $10 million partnership that will expand access to financial services and training for smallholder farmers in Kenya, Rwanda, and Burundi.

There may not be one resolution to wicked problems and nonprofits can’t—and shouldn’t—do it all. Co-authored by Cynthia Gibson, 1995 Echoing Green Fellow Katya Smyth, Gail Nayowith, & Jonathan Zaff; Re-posted with permission from Stanford Social Innovation Review


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