A Few of our Favorite Blogs

UPDATE: Be sure to check out our most recent blog posts about social entrepreneurship, innovation, and building careers of meaningful impact.

As we're new to the world of blogging, we thought we'd provide everyone with some of our favorites that we rely on for great content about social change. Here are our Top Seven Social Entrepreneurship Blogs:

How to Change the World
Written by Guy Kawasaki, this blog’s got it all – relevant resources for people interested in the nonprofit sector and social entrepreneurship, job postings, and motivational tips to keep you focused and ready to take on the world. How to Change the World is a must read blog to keep in the loop about the field of social change organizations.

Spare Change
Spare Change is one of the foremost blogs about social marketing, which the blogger defines as “applying marketing principles to promoting health and social issues and bringing about positive behavior change.” That’s exactly what we’d like to see more of in the world, and we love Nedra Weinreich’s blog for spreading the word. In addition to sharing information about the companies and organizations that are making a difference, the blog has a wealth of resources on how everyone can get involved in this evolving trend.

Have Fun, Do Good
One of Britt Bravo’s many blogs, Have Fun, Do Good is written for people who want to make a difference in the world while having a great time doing it. Still interested? We thought so. Her posts appeal to everyone; from “Advice for the College Senior Who Wants to Make a Difference” to “Mobilizing Donors and Activists in an Overwhelmed World”, this blog is a definite for your RSS feed.

Social ROI is all about the ever expanding field of social entrepreneurship. We love the wealth of news about companies and organizations that are in the business of social change. Plus, there are often job listings and grant opportunities posted, which makes it very valuable to read this blog frequently!

NonProfit Times
To stay informed about what’s going on in the nonprofit sector, the blog at NonProfit Times is an excellent resource. A daily read will provide you with everything you need to know, including practical organizational tips. Posts such as “Keep Your Writing Readable On The Web” and “Getting Good at Finding Funds” are keepers, for sure.

A one stop shop for everything about social responsibility and entrepreneurship, Audeamus has it all. The posts are split up between categories like “Books and Tools,” “Go Green,”and “Social Enterprise,” which makes it very easy to find exactly what you want.

Social Edge
Updated weekly, this collection of blogs is a fun and useful resource. The sources are varied – one blogger is sharing his experiences about bringing clean energy to Nicaragua, while another blog by Diana Reid gives practical marketing advice to social entrepreneurs. If you can’t decide if you want to read a blog with inspirational stories or tips and tricks, check out Social Edge and get it all.