The Buzz 5-18-12

Our quick read on the top tweets, news, and buzz circulating in the field of changemaking this past week. Tell us, what's got you talking? And what do you want to be talking about?

  • We’ve been going to a lot of graduation ceremonies these past few weeks, so naturally, we’re thinking about what’s next for these graduates. But, whether or not you are receiving a diploma, we believe you can always benefit from taking a moment to reflect. Don’t worry about the next ten years—instead, think about a “mini-step” that might send you in the right direction. So tell us, what is your next step:
  • Following the Ideation Conference, Movement 121 put together an excellent list that they call: 22 Hacks and Perspectives for Social Entrepreneurs. It’s acutely accurate, yet simple, intelligent, and thorough. From getting your one-pager done, to defining the problem your social enterprise is trying to solve, to experimenting, it pulls together all of those lists from Forbes, FastCompany, and GOOD into one! This list is one to pass on, print out, and pin up on a bulletin board:
  • New York Magazine published a revealing inforgraphic next week that shows more people are quitting their jobs than at any point since 2008. Surveying those working in the finance sector, they found that fifty-three percent of them envy those on the non-corporate path, while fifty-six percent wish they had started a “quirky, wildly successful” business instead. Times, they are a changing:
  • Leonard Schlesinger, president of Babson College, Charles Kiefer, president of Innovation Associates, and Paul Brown, a contributor to the New York Times, say that the biggest obstacle to innovation may be you. We are taught to set goals, construct plans to achieve those goals, do the research and then execute. But, that kind of predictive reasoning doesn’t work when you’re trying to innovate, because those situations are simply not predictable. They offer some unique ways to get yourself out of the way of innovating:
  • GOOD launched a new video website on social enterprise last week. It features the GOOD Guide to social enterprise, videos with entrepreneurs, and a great infographic on the social entrepreneurship sector. A good resource to bookmark for the future:
  • Van Jones, a 1994 Echoing Green Fellow, is a serial entrepreneur. Now on his fourth social venture, Van has relentlessly pursued social justice and a more inclusive economy for disadvantaged communities. Even in the face of public failure, his focus, commitment to solutions, and unshakeable obligation to a cause make him an example of a truly remarkable changemaker.
  • In the first large-scale quantitative study of social entrepreneurs, Echoing Green partnered with researchers Julie Battilana and Matthew Lee from Harvard. Among many discoveries—from the over 3,000 applicants and Fellows that they reviewed—they found a marked rise in the number of hybrid organizations, those combining nonprofit and for-profit organizational models to pursue their social mission. Published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review last week, they offer an in-depth look at the challenges faced by these organizations and how the sector, and government, can support their progress. A must-read:

Vision is our ability to see the world, not as it is, but as it should be. We launched a new video last week that invites everyone to imagine a bold, new world. Have a look and pass it along!