Social Impact Jobs: November

What are social innovation employers looking for in new hires?

For us, we seek individuals who have what we call, “Core Identity Alignment.” In other words, they identify work that is meaningful for them and good for the world. They have done hard work to get to know themselves and feel confident about what social change path they want to walk on.

Our future employees live our shared values before we hire them, walking our talk, as each and every one of us is obligated to work toward doing every day of our lives.

But how does one actually become the kind of changemaker employers are looking for? In the past few weeks I’ve come across two new compelling manifestos with some powerful ideas about how we visualize our path towards a life of meaningful impact. I’ve also heard from organizations looking to hire applicants with a desire to create powerful change.

The first manifesto comes from Nilofer Merchant, writing for the Harvard Business Review. She argues that we must be our own Heroes and Heroines, and believe in the people around us to rise to the status of Hero as well. She speaks from her personal experience of taking ownership for her future in the face of a family life that would not support her ambition. Her first two guidelines are:

I shall not obsess over others' success: not copying, idolizing, or mindlessly emulating.
I shall know my purpose and know why I'm doing something.

When you are first starting down your career path, it’s easy to get caught up in comparison with others and your understanding of their success. Especially in the current job market, entry level positions are hard to find, especially without some sort of connections. But there are roles out there, looking to hire fresh faces. The microloan shop, The Grameen Foundation, for instance, are looking for a few entry level interns at their Seattle office. Tell them we sent you.

The second manifesto comes from our friend Scott Belsky of Behance. He describes a new type of worker who he calls a Free Radical. Free Radicals are changemaking agents who work to creatively maximize their own experience with their successes for the organizations they work for. In his first credo, he writes:

We do work that is, first and foremost, intrinsically rewarding. But, when we make an impact, we expect extrinsic validation: We don't create solely for ourselves, we want to make a real and lasting impact in the world around us.

Extrinsic validation can manifest in a pay check or a feature in the New York Times, but—more importantly—witnessing positive change in the lives of others. For those looking to have social impact in their careers, let's remember that we are all on our own journey. As you consider how to move your career forward, take inspiration from mentors and people whose success you witness, but avoid the trap of comparison. And always remember your core values and know why they drive you to do what you do. Listed below is a list of great opportunities to work on purpose at organizations that are driving real and lasting impact.

Grameen Foundation is hiring for a variety of positions in Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Dubai and India.

The Nonprofit Finance Fund is hiring for an Associate, Strategic Project Management position.

Taproot, the Los Angelese bases Probono services organization is hiring a Probono Outreach Associate.

Kopo Kopo, a mobile money company, is hiring a Product Designer in Nairobi. Contact

Democrat on Education & the Workforce Committee seeks Legislative Assistant to manage all committee activities with an emphasis on higher education policy. To apply, send cover letter and resume to

The Aspen Institute has a variety of positions to fill in its global network.

Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) is hiring a Girls Negotiation Project Coordinator in Zambia.

IDEO is hiring a business developer in Palo Alto.

SABRAS based in Ahmedabad, India, is hiring an Interim Director of Operations.

G, a stealth-mode web startup creating a novel P2P market, is hiring a CTO and Developer.

Bruce Randolph School in Denver Colorado is hiring a Language Arts Instructional Coach

Firelight is hiring a Learning and Evaluation Manager in Tanzania. Email

Room to Read is hiring a Senior Director of Literacy and Director of Literacy. Both positions are based in San Francisco and requires regular international travel. 

Room to Read is also hiring a Program Manager of the Girls’ Education program for the Southern Africa Region.

CFY is now seeking a Director of Marketing and Communications.

NYC Department of Ed: The Research and Policy Support Group (RPSG) is hiring a part-time grant writer.

Peace First is hiring a Director of the Peace First Prize to work at their National office in Boston.

New York City Investment Fund is hiring a Senior Associate position (prefers post-MBA with some investment banking experience) and an Associate position (prefers post-undergrad with some investment banking experience). Contact Ryan Mattison or Mark Chou at for more information.

The World Bank is hiring an entry level Junior Professional Associate, Latin America and Caribbean Region based in Washington, DC.

CDS, in partnership with Grassroots Business Fund, is seeking applicants with financial management experience for a 12 month assignment based in India.

CDS is also seeking applicants with marketing and IT experience for a 12-month assignment based in Tirana, Albania.

CFY is hiring a Managing Director of their Digital Learning Program (formerly known as Take It Home).

Teach For All is seeking a Director, Partner Engagement - Japan to be based in Tokyo and serve as the strategic advisor to the CEO of Teach For Japan as the neworganization adapts the Teach For All (Teach For America/Teach First) model to the Japanese context.

Net Impact is hiring a Digital and Marketing Director; Senior Manager, Conference; and Senior Manager, Corporate and Donor Relations.