Social Impact Jobs February 2014

Shaila Ittycheria and Kane Sarhan, 2013 Global Fellows and co-founders of Enstitute.

When we invest in an individual who is ready to contribute to solving the world’s biggest problems, more important to us than the logistics of a business plan is knowing that this person is a devoted change agent who uses their unique talents and abilities to execute on their goals. For some of our Fellows, this spirited essence is the embodiment of resilience and grit, for others it’s purpose-driven eagerness and undying drive. And still for so many more, it’s unique qualities that turn obstacles into opportunities.

The same is true for those filling critical roles as team members, staff, and volunteers of these world-changing organizations. We all have talents, drive, and passions, many of which don’t easily fit onto a CV or resume, that can be used to amplify change. Mine your past to find your unique qualities, or to figure out what you still need to go after your dream job. ​ If you already know, don’t be shy about it – offer what you’ve got to one of the organizations listed below. Whether you're looking to join our growing team at Echoing Green, lend your talents to one of our Fellows, or support the work of other orgs in our community, remember: you’re more than your resume. 

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