Social Impact Jobs: December

Julius Caesar first established January 1 as New Year’s Day in honor of Janus, a Roman god most often depicted as having two faces—one facing the future and other looking into the past. He is the god of doorways, passages, new beginnings, and completion. As you step through the doorway into the new year, what do you hope to achieve, and what will you leave behind? If, like many of us, you know you’re out-of-whack but cannot figure out what to do next, try this quick exercise. First reach back Janus-like in your memory to the past. Can you remember specific moments where you had a goal or desire that you never got around to? Those abandoned ideas are sometimes cues we can use to get back on the right path towards Head Heart alignment. Pick one and see if you can find one actionable step to complete this week to bring you closer to fulfilling yourself in 2012.

At Echoing Green we define career as the entirety of your purposeful work in life, not just the stuff you get paid for. If you’ve felt out-of-whack for a while, or are just beginning your career, this is the time to discover new opportunities. Find time for careful reflection on the values and goals that drive you in your job and in every other aspect of your career, like your volunteer work, board participation, giving, and passion projects. I’ve hand picked this list of job opportunities from the organizations that I think bring the most positive impact into the world and to their employees lives. If you are looking for a new beginning, we hope this list gives you a fresh start.

Global Citizen Year is hiring for a number of part time and fulltime positions.

The Skoll Centre is hiring a manager for their Oxford University based operation.

B Lab is hiring a Policy Associate.

The Brotherhood/Sister Sol is looking for a Development & Communications Coordinator for their New York office.

On-Ramps is hiring searching for a Vice President of Advancement role at Aspire Public Schools in California.

Mali Health Organizing Project is looking for an ExecutiveDirector.

Sustainable Health Enterprise is looking for a Global SHE Fellow.

Innovations for Poverty Action is looking for a short-term design consultant. Email Lolo Dessein.

Save the Children is looking for a Portuguese or Spanish Speaking MPH holding intern. Email Carmen Ramos: and Natalie Roschnik: by 23 December 2011 is seeking Senior Advisors for their Redwood City based operation. Contact

Makeshift Magazine is looking for a design itern or pro-bono designer for their quarterly magazine and multimedia website about street-level creativity and invention around the world. Contact Steve Daniels at is in search of a managing director and new interns.

Pencils of Promise is looking for a Country Director in Ghana.

Obama for America is looking for applicants for their Organizing Fellowship

Pact World is hiring for a variety of positions.

Changing our World Inc. is hiring for a variety of positions.

Room to Read is hiring a Global Research, Monitoring, & Evaluation Director.

Grameen Foundation is hiring a Mobile Financial Services Project Director - Kampala, Uganda Interested candidates please to apply with MFS PD Uganda in the subject line.

Camino Public Relations, who focus on nonprofit work is looking for an Account Manager.

Incentive Mentoring Program is looking for a Site Director in Baltimore.

The Center for Drug Use and Hiv Research is hiring a Project Coordinator for a new Seek, Test, Treat & Retain program in Brooklyn. Contact Amanda Ritchie at

Image used under CC license by Flickr user Dani3l3