Social Impact Jobs August 2012

Updated 9-4-2012
Posting jobs through our Social Impact Jobs feature has offered an incredible view on the variety of amazing opportunities available to all of us interested in making a difference. One of those jobs I am highlighting is near and dear to my own heart—a role I posted last week to support my work: Echoing Green's Special Assistant.

I thought I'd take a moment and talk about my philosophy on hiring and supporting roles like these. First and foremost, I believe in investment. This role is for a person in the early stage of his/her career. I enjoy indentifying the new employees' interests, curiosities... and provide space for the person to explore them. After all Echoing Green identifies and invests in talent, so it's critical we do that inside out. I correlate learning, developing, pushing oneself and taking risks with job/life satisfaction. Then, it is part of my role as supervisor to provide space in order for all that growing to happen.

Second, I seek fit. I often find people who want to work for the organizations I am hiring for but when pushed, they have less interest in the actual role. I am seeking someone, for example, who not only feels passionate about Echoing Green's mission, but wants to take on the work of the assistant. Not just do it to get somewhere else. While rarely is there a role that is perfectly aligned, both employer and employee benefit when we sync the role and the mission.

With that, here are some fabulous opportunities that have passed my desk over the last few weeks.

Echoing Green Positions
Financial Controller
Senior Associate, Alumni Programs
Special Assistant

Echoing Green funded Organizations:

SaveLIFE Foundation is hiring a Policy Advocacy Manager and a Development & Communications Manager in New Delhi, India.

Reach Incorporated is hiring a Program Director and looking for Program Fellows in Washington, D.C..

Equal Opportunity Schools has an opening for a Partnership Director.

Generation Citizen seeks a Development Associate. Contact

One Acre Fund is seeking exceptional professionals to serve as a Finance and Accounting Associate and Finance and Operations Analyst in rural East Africa.

City Year is hiring for a number of positions.

Frontier Markets is hiring a Sales Executive.

Tiyatien Health is hiring a Frontline Health Worker Manager.

Building Tomorrow is looking for an engineer in residence.

Blue Engine is hiring for a number of positions.

Global Health Corps applications are open to be a Placement Organization. They are also hiring for a number of positions including a Development, Communications, and Fellow Recruitment Associate.

The SEED Foundation seeks to fill a number of positions including Director of New Schools Fundraising.

Bamyan Media is hiring for a number of positions in Egypt.

Build Change seeks a Block Manufacturing Program Manager in Haiti.

PharmaSecure is recruiting a Product Manager based in its Gurgaon, India office. Contact

PODER seeks a research coordinator and interns.

Global Opportunities:

Enso is hiring a Team Coordinator. Contact

Swearer Center for Public Service, Brown University seeks an Assistant Director of Social Entrepreneurship.

Astia seeks exceptional women-led, high-growth start-ups to apply for their Fall Astia Global Entrepreneur Program.

International Youth Foundation seeks to fill a number of positions including Program Manager, Latin America and Caribbean.

The New York City Housing Authority’s Department of Community Programs and Development seeks a dynamic outcome-oriented leader to serve as the Director of the Office of Resident Economic Empowerment and Sustainability.

Techbridge is hiring a Finance and Operations Manager.

Driptech, a maker of affordable drip irrigation, is hiring for a variety of positions.

Farolito is looking for someone with experience in test development and an interest in contributing to economic development in developing countries to be a Testing Specialist. Interested candidates should send a CV and cover letter to

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship is hiring for a number of positions including Program Director.

Build is filling Multiple positions including College Access Program Manager.

The Tech Museum seeks to fill a number of positions in San Jose.

Grassroot Soccer seeks a Ukraine Program Manager.

Campus Compact seeks a number of positions including Communications Director.

The NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service seeks an Assistant Director of Career Services.


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