Nicholas Kristof Blogs On Elizabeth Scharpf and SHE

In a recent blogpost, "Getting Girls in School in Africa," Nicholas Kristof writes about the problem that menstruation poses for young African girls who, lacking hygiene supplies, stay home from school and eventually drop out. He also writes about the social entrepreneur working for a solution: 2008 Echoing Green Fellow and Founder of Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE), Elizabeth Scharpf. As noted in the article, SHE "is developing a franchise model to manufacture and distribute eco-friendly sanitary pads using local materials, such as banana fibers. The aim is to sell pads for 30 percent less than existing brands, while creating a profit so that the model can be self-replicating." Kristof hails the organization as "a creative idea to tackle an important issue that rarely gets discussed." Keep up the good work, Elizabeth!