Graduation Day

Right now, I am en route to my graduation ceremony (wearing a baby blue cap and gown borrowed from a colleague-a former Columbia grad student herself).

As I approach my graduation—both physically and figuratively—I remember the brave face I put on when I graduated from undergraduate school (pictured) over a decade ago. The truth is that I was nothing short of terrified. I knew that I wanted to do big things after school, that I wanted a purpose-driven career and life, but I had absolutely no idea how to get there. And no one else seemed to be able to tell me how to get there either.

Over the years, I managed to create a career that was just right for me, finding a role that is perfect for me in an organization I love. But it was not without struggle. And a lot of introspection.

Today, my friend Britt Bravo tells me she launched a challenge on her blog Have Fun Do Good. She asked people to nominate a young person just starting out on their career path, someone who would benefit from a bit of help creating a meaningful career. The winners receive a copy of Work on Purpose, which I wrote to help people navigate the questions I didn’t know how to navigate myself many years ago. To enter, just leave a comment on her blog describing why a young graduate you care about needs this book. The deadline to leave a comment is May 31.

I may not be able to help those in their twenties navigate everythingI had to go through in those years, but I can help them with this. And as I travel to my graduation ceremony, it occurs to me: that is a lot.