Finding Your Dream Job

Courtney Baxter decided to do something bold: write an author and activist whose work she had been following for almost a decade, and ask her for a little career advice. Courtney Martin (who we interviewed earlier this year) wrote back almost immediately. Baxter writes,

"Seventy-one minutes after I pressed “send,” a reply from Courtney landed in my in-box. While I had hoped to hear from her, I didn’t expect that she would have time for my questions, and certainly not for a same-night response. I e-mailed her back, and we arranged to have coffee the next week. When we met, she hugged me."

This meeting led to another meeting with 2008 Echoing Green Fellow Katie Orenstein, founder of the OpEd Project, which led to an interview with her, and then to a job. And not just any job. Working at the OpEd Project was Courtney’s dream job. Sometimes all you need to do is make that first crazy move, and then follow the momentum. Want to try it? Take the Work on Purpose program’s Not-So-Secret Admirer Challenge, and reach out to someone you admire.