Cheryl Dorsey Says, "Women Rule!"

Our own Cheryl Dorsey was recently written up in O Magazine for being a mentor to the eighty big-dreaming women of the Women Rule! Conference. Women Rule! is a leadership training program for entrepreneurial women, ages eighteen to sixty-nine, which was organized by O in collaboration with the White House Project—a nonprofit organization committed to helping catapult women into leadership positions. The three-day conference was attended by plenty of astounding women, such as Deborah Berebichez, a physicist committed to getting girls to love science. Berebichez aims to create a television show that would revolve around such topics as The Physics of High Heels.

The O Magazine article also revealed some previously unknown details of Cheryl’s life. Turns out, her mother claims to have invented Cookies n’ Cream ice cream. Seems like big ideas run in the family.