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The Social Capital Markets Conference (SOCAP) is heading into its fourth year. Attendance is booming and investors and social entrepreneurs alike, from nearly 75 countries, are clamoring to attend the meeting of money and meaning.


Steve Jobs is an awe-inspiring failure. Truly, an inspiration to failures everywhere. Because when Steve Jobs fails, his success is undeniable.

As Jobs retires from his position as the CEO of Apple, I am reminded of his 2005 commencement address at Stanford University. That day, Jobs listed some of his favorite failures—dropping out of college, being fired from Apple at the age of 30, and the apparent failure of his body in the face of a terrifying cancer diagnosis.


Over the last several years, Echoing Green has seen a decrease in the number of women Fellows selected relative to men. The last six out of seven Fellowship classes have been majority male and the past two years have seen a particularly sharp dip in women Fellows.

This has us thinking. What’s going on?






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