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It is my fear that many of our very talented young—and even their leaders—have begun to conflate leading with starting something new. Which is a problem, as not everyone is—or should be—a social entrepreneur, and a world full of leaders who strive to be social entrepreneurs creates waste, duplication, and much worse.


Katya Andresen’s career path has taken her from editing garbage trade magazines, through a stint as a Journalist in Cambodia and finally to her current work, making a difference for small changemaking nonprofits. Read the real-life story of this journalist turned marketing blogger and Chief Strategy Officer of Network for Good, as she finds her Work on Purpose.


Seven billion people calls for new design thinking, a conscious understanding of the majority cultures in the world, and a shift in how and where we look for innovation.


In the current economic environment pretty much every American is trying to increase their savings and reduce their debts. My friend and I started wondering how we could make that easier in a different way.


How do you create a movement? How do you galvanize a community to come together for a common cause, especially when they are killing each other? Start with women.


Susan McPherson’s career path has taken her from dreams of being an astronaut, to the newsroom at USA Today, and all the way to the media business in China. Read the real-life story of this corporate social responsibility superstar and senior vice president at public interest communications firm, Fenton, as she finds her Work on Purpose.






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