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We're gearing up for this year's Fellowship selection cycle. On Monday, December 5, 2011, we'll open up the 2012 application process. For all you budding social entrepreneurs out there, you'll have until January 9, 2012 to submit your social change business plans. We love this time of year—we get so inspired by the passion, commitment and visionary thinking expressed through the fellowship applications. So bring it!!!

Congrats to the thirty social entrepreneurs featured in Forbes’ Impact 30 list of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs. Echoing Green is thrilled to see six of our Fellows as well as board member Andrew Kassoy on the list of leaders in social change.

It is my fear that many of our very talented young—and even their leaders—have begun to conflate leading with starting something new. Which is a problem, as not everyone is—or should be—a social entrepreneur, and a world full of leaders who strive to be social entrepreneurs creates waste, duplication, and much worse.


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