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Seven billion people calls for new design thinking, a conscious understanding of the majority cultures in the world, and a shift in how and where we look for innovation.

In the current economic environment pretty much every American is trying to increase their savings and reduce their debts. My friend and I started wondering how we could make that easier in a different way.

How do you create a movement? How do you galvanize a community to come together for a common cause, especially when they are killing each other? Start with women.

Susan McPherson’s career path has taken her from dreams of being an astronaut, to the newsroom at USA Today, and all the way to the media business in China. Read the real-life story of this corporate social responsibility superstar and senior vice president at public interest communications firm, Fenton, as she finds her Work on Purpose.

Few people can say they graced the hallowed halls of Federal Government, MTV’s hopping studios, and Teach For America’s first scrappy office. Meet Ian Rowe, CEO of Public Prep—and soak up how multi-sector work can result in a purpose-driven path.

For a late summer outing, the Echoing Green team recently made an exciting site visit to 2008 Echoing Green Fellow Jessamyn Waldman’s Hot Bread Kitchen.


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