The Buzz 11-25-11

Here's our quick read on the top tweets, news, and buzz circulating in the field of changemaking this week. Tell us, what's got you talking? And what do you want to be talking about?

  • The world needs more female entrepreneurs now more than ever. We know it. You know it. Now let’s make it happen.
  • We have begun to conflate leadership with starting a new organization. But, we don’t always know why we’re starting that new organization. Let’s encourage more young people—en mass—to be the founders of their careers, not the founders of new organizations.
  • The rights of women and girls are at “extreme risk” in 88 out of 197 countries. In the developing world, women have a critical stake in survival and it has been proven over and over again that investing in women is a good bet for a number of reasons. So, why isn’t it happening more often?
  • Missed PopTech 2011? The videos from the conference are out! Some of our favorites: Daniel Kish, Lloyd and Zimbalist, and Reggie Watts. Bookmark and come back whenever you need a source of inspiration!
  • A few ideas for beleaguered innovators: Keep the faith. Try some things. Maybe some of those challenges can't be overcome. But maybe you'll learn something that helps you trip over an even bigger opportunity.
  • The 2012 Echoing Green Fellowship opens on December 5th. As part of our effort to increase the pool of talent and bold ideas we see each year, we're introducing four new webinars specifically designed for women, African-Americans, U.S.-based Latinos, and local leaders from developing countries. They start on November 29th, so sign up soon!