The Buzz 11-18-11

Here's our quick read on the top tweets, news, and buzz circulating in the field of changemaking this week. Tell us, what's got you talking? And what do you want to be talking about?

  • We came across two manifestos that were particularly compelling to us—the first: “I shall know my purpose and know why I'm doing something;” and the second: “We don't create solely for ourselves, we want to make a real and lasting impact in the world around us.” They remind us why working on purpose is just so important, but they mean even more because there are so many opportunities to do so. Learn more about them:
  • Judith Rodin at Rockefeller Foundations says, “Solutions to many of the world’s most difficult social problems don’t need to be invented, they need only to be found, funded, and scaled.” Through their research, McKinsey shares four major opportunities to support this discovery:
  • Coming up with groundbreaking innovations isn’t just about creative genius—Luke Williams at Frog Design says that it’s more deliberate, thoughtful, and systematic. He has three ways to overcome the biggest barriers to innovation:
  • “The companies that perform best over time build a social purpose into their operations that is as important as their economic purpose.” We always thought this was true—Harvard Business Review proves it:
  • As mentioned in our previous posts, we’re paying close attention to creating a more inclusive ecosystem in social innovation. Women are a relatively untapped resource in the space—recognizing this, Aspen Institute’s ANDE Network has convened a coalition of 25-30 organizations to support more women and to support women in their existing networks, better. Here’s how:
  • Echoing Green Fellows from all over the world convened in San Francisco this past week. Here’s a look at what they’ve been up to—from appearing on CNN, to road trips across Africa, to forming new partnerships: Stay tuned for an update from the conference!