The Buzz 1-6-12

After a few weeks off for the holidays and new year, we’re back with our quick read on the top tweets, news, and buzz circulating in the field of changemaking this week. Tell us, what's got you talking? And what do you want to be talking about?

  • Like clockwork, SocialBrite shared their calendar of social change conferences for 2012. Review it, make a wishlist, and figure out where you’re headed to connect with the social innovation community this year!
  • We all know by now that the world should invest in women. It’s something we’re thinking about a lot. Celebrating their 50th anniversary, here’s a compelling infographic from USAID that gives you a few more numbers to backup why:
  • Five resolutions for aspiring leaders: find mentors, form a group of leadership confidants, volunteer, work in another country, and ask questions. A really great post to help you create a plan for a productive, inspiring, and purposeful 2012.
  • Craig Newmark, of Craigslist, asked how people plan to change the world in 2012. He shared sixteen responses, ranging from more collaboration between schools, to creating more open data sources, to helping people have better conversations. These ideas may surprise you and perhaps even inspire you to think about your own positive impact on the world this year:
  • FastCompany shares their eleven best innovation essays from 2011. Bookmark them and come back throughout the year—it will be such a fun way to see where innovation has been…and is going.
  • We attended FailFAIRE, an open-source community forum to share failure, late last year. It reminded us that not only should we be ok with failure (to a degree), but we should make more of an effort to share it—openly, publically, and maybe even create a “failure wall.” How will you make your failures a learning opportunity for your community? Your organization?
  • Ali Cherry, a member of our Social Investment Council, shared her experiences working with Echoing Green supported organization Green Mango in India. She outlines the tensions that social entrepreneurs face when starting up—including the balance between product and mission, building things for how they are, or how they ought to be, and scaling or surviving. What sort of tensions are you facing?

It’s here—the deadline for the 2012 Echoing Green Fellowship application is upon us! A few last minute tips from our team may help you to polish up your app over the next few hours. There will be a lot of traffic on our website tomorrow, so don’t wait until the last minute—if you do, remember that the deadline is at noon EST, January 9th! And once you’ve submitted, share a tweet with the hashtag #EG2012Fellowship, or post a note on our Facebook page. Good luck!