Announcing Mini-Grant Winners

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Getting to know the people who will benefit from your work is the first step to effective public service, allowing you to challenge your assumptions and transform altruism into high impact, culturally competent work. To help you take that step, Echoing Green and GOODmaker teamed up last month to launch two mini-grant challenges. We're delighted to announce the two winners, selected from over 240 submissions representing twenty-one countries:

The GOODmaker $1,000 challenge winner, determined by public vote, is “HIPS After Dark: Engaging Sex Work Communities Through Overnight Mobile Outreach.” HIPS will use their mini-grant to increase on-the-street health and wellness outreach to sex workers in the Washington D.C. metro area.Watch the "HIPS" proposal video below:


The Echoing Green $500 challenge winner, determined by our panel of judges, is “The Village Voice,” a weekly radio program in Malawi. They will use their grant to provide all Mwandama community members with the opportunity to directly engage with the work being done by local health workers.

Both projects show incredible ingenuity for drawing together communities and the people dedicated to serving them. We are thrilled by the quality of submissions to this mini-grant challenge, and wish every applicant the best of luck in their work to drive social change. To learn about upcoming mini-grant opportunities, join our email list.

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