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We cannot solve the world’s most intractable problems in isolation. As one of the few (and first) seed funders for social entrepreneurs, we see a responsibility to add our ideas and findings to the global conversation—so that others around the world can build upon them and accelerate their potential for impact. We present our own insights as an opportunity for discussion and learning.



Community is Worth More

Viewpoints on Impact Investing

Podcast: Invest in the Whole Impact Ecosystem

Video on the Forefront

Race & Equity in Health Care

Viewpoints on Impact Investing

Podcast: Align Capital & Values

Viewpoints on the Forefront

Diversity Is the Lifeblood of Progress

Diversity is the lifeblood of social, economic, and political progress, and policies that impede this value weakens our ability to innovate and implement social change.


Money Is Not Enough

Viewpoints on Leadership

3 Ways to Stay the Course


Listen, Learn, Respond


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