Our mission is to unleash next generation talent to solve the world’s biggest problems.

For nearly 30 years, we have supported emerging talent in solving the world’s biggest problems. These leaders spend their lives working with purpose and define their generations. They make society better.

Whether it’s social entrepreneurs, university faculty, impact investors, or business leaders, we work to catalyze their ability to impact the world and drive social progress further, faster.

History of Echoing Green

Echoing Green was born when the leadership of General Atlantic, a leading global growth private equity firm, were brainstorming how to maximize their philanthropic impact. Someone suggested a bold idea: that the venture capital investment model they employed so effectively at General Atlantic could be repurposed to drive social change. And with that, Echoing Green took off.

In 1987, General Atlantic officially launched Echoing Green, naming it after a William Blake poem about creating a better world. They supported our first promising young entrepreneur, Diana Propper de Callejon, to create an alternative economic base for Amazonian residents that was not based on deforestation. Today, General Atlantic continues to be one of Echoing Green’s strongest advocates.

In 2002, Echoing Green Fellow Cheryl L. Dorsey took over the leadership of Echoing Green and reshaped the organization into a global nonprofit. More than a decade later, the Echoing Green Fellowship Programs continue to be Echoing Green’s cornerstone, providing seed funding to social entrepreneurs launching bold new organizations to generate positive systemic change. We believe investing in and supporting the right people relative to the right ideas and ability to execute, rather than specific business plans, results in a lifetime of leadership. 

Echoing Green continues to build a global community of emerging leaders–almost 700 and growing–who have launched Teach For America, City Year, One Acre Fund, SKS Microfinance, and more. Whether it’s through our Fellowships or our other innovative leadership initiatives, we unleash unexpected potential by tracking down the best and the brightest leaders, bringing them together, and launching them on a path to success.